Say Goodbye to the Gunk That's Clogging Your Drains in Kaneohe or Honolulu, HI

Depend on us to provide residential and commercial drain cleaning services

Do you end up standing in a puddle of dirty water whenever you take a shower? Have you noticed the drain in your sink gurgling or emptying slowly? If so, it's time to schedule drain cleaning services from Shoreline Plumbing, LLC based in Honolulu, HI. We'll use high-powered jetting equipment to blast away drain clogs.

You can also rely on us to fix any line damage that's resulted from clogs. To get a free estimate on clogged drain repairs and cleaning services, contact us today.

What's stuck in your drains?

Kitchen, sink and toilet drains can be clogged by a lot of different things. When we provide drain cleaning services, we'll use a camera to inspect your pipes thoroughly. We typically find these kinds of things clogging household drains:

Soap scum
Food waste
Mineral buildup
Excess toilet paper

Tree roots can also grow into your drains and cause problems. At the first sign of trouble, call 808-445-3585 to schedule clogged drain repair and cleaning services.